November 12, 2019

Sam & Megan | Seattle Photographer Janet Lin Photography

Megan was already living a dream. She was in Rome with her love, all dolled up and headed to dinner at a beautiful restaurant near the Trevi Fountain. They were surrounded by rich history, beautiful music, never-ending prosciutto and wine. What more could a girl ask for?

As their bus meandered through the city and Sam nervously shuffled his hands in his pockets, he DROPPED a very special little box he’d been hiding for the duration of the trip! He’d gone through great lengths to purchase the perfect ring without her knowing, get it through two international security check points, and here on the bus on the way to his storybook proposal he dropped the box! Megan just happened to look down and notice a jewelry box on the floor. Assuming the man standing in front of her had dropped it, she was just about to pick it up and offer it to him when someone else quickly swooped it up…. her boyfriend! As you can imagine, she spent the rest of the evening just as overwhelmed with nervous excitement as Sam did! Here is the story of what happened later that evening from Sam:

“Amidst a large crowd of people & battling the noisy fountains, I gathered the confidence to take her hands & try to tell her how much I love her. What I did not expect was when I got down on a knee to propose, people created a ring around us like we were street performers & were hinged on my every word. When I yelled, “she said yes!” everyone erupted into applause, even hugging & taking selfies with us! We felt like celebrities, but I was the one who felt like a superstar because Megan had agreed to be my wife.”

Sam & Megan, I am so happy you two found each other and I absolutely cannot WAIT for your wedding day!

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