March 8, 2020

Loo Family Lifestyle Newborn Session | Janet Lin Photography Olympia Family Photographer

There’s something especially moving about being welcomed into a family’s home soon after a new baby arrives. When I arrived at the Loo family home I felt like I’d walked into a little slice of Heaven; a sweet, sleeping baby and two big sisters beaming with so much joy and pride!

As our session went on, I was reminded over and over again how precious the seemingly insignificant moments in motherhood can be.

As Amy and Brandon tended to sweet baby Camilla in the nursery, laughter spilled from mom and dad’s room as big sisters Natalie and Evie twirled and danced on their bed. I couldn’t help but smile as they spun around and then embraced each other with each splash into the pillows. When I suggested that they hold baby sister on the couch, the girls needed no prompting. They just admired their tiny little sister with so much love and adoration, and then without warning, big sister Natalie leaned over and planted a gentle kiss on Evie’s head. Later, as the family sat together on the couch, darling Evie grabbed Brandon by the cheeks and whispered, “I love you daddy.”

In the chaos of motherhood, especially the season of having a newborn, it’s easy to focus on the hardships and let these small, precious moments go by unnoticed. Thank you Loo family, for welcoming me into your home during such a sweet season, and for giving me a reminder that these simple, sweet moments are absolutely the most beautiful and worthy. Congratulations on baby #3! What a gift these darling girls are!

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