January 13, 2022

3 Ways to Get MORE Out Of Your Branding Session | Janet Lin Photography Seattle Branding Photographer

When you book a branding session with me, my goal is to help you approach the session with intentionality so that the end result will be a portfolio packed full of carefully curated, worthwhile content that you will be able to utilize immediately to meet your goals. It’s not just about creating beautiful portraits that capture the essence of you and your work; it’s about truly communicating your brand messaging and planning our imagery with your marketing strategy in mind. Here are THREE great tips for getting the most out of your branding session.

1. Choose Multiple On-Brand Outfits

Selecting your wardrobe with intention is the most simple and effective way to create a diverse portfolio from a single session. Ideally, you want to choose pieces that are different from one another, yet cohesive in overall style and in line with your brand messaging. Kayla did a stellar job of leveraging her wardrobe to create diversity in her imagery! You can see that each of her outfits are completely different, and yet, they all look phenomenal together. She utilized a light, pastel-based color palette and while each is different, every outfit feels luxurious, polished, and professional.

2. Create a ‘Set’

We have the freedom to create ‘sets’ within your branding session that will instantly create variety in your images. A workspace, a chic lounge area, a scene of you at work… we can plan these sets intentionally to get the most out of our time together and ensure that your images serve you in a plethora of ways.

3. Incorporate Product Content

This is an often overlooked and underrated type of imagery that is SO helpful to have on hand. While showing your face and personality are the MOST important thing, it’s also important to think about the work you do and what type of product photography may be advantageous for your marketing strategy.

There you have it! Three simple and easy steps to take your branding session to the next level. And don’t worry, when you book with me, I am here to support you every step of the way. We will create a solid plan for your session by beginning with a Brand Discovery Questionnaire and will collaborate throughout the process to ensure you walk away with a gallery packed full of worthwhile content! Want to work together? Take a peek at the the Janet Lin Photography Branding Experience and get in touch!

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