April 26, 2023

5 Place I Love Photographing Families | Seattle Photographer Janet Lin Photography

1. At home!

Capturing you in the most your family is most comfortable makes for an incredibly intimate and meaningful session. I find at-home sessions work best if your home is spacious and offers plenty of natural light. If you choose to have your session at home, you can even incorporate an activity that makes your kids feel like its just another day; baking cookies, reading together on your living room couch, watering your vegetable garden in the backyard. The options are endless!

2. The Washington State Capitol

It’s no secret this is one of my favorite locations to create photographs. My children LOVE the capitol campus. They’re in awe of the grand architecture, the fountain, and the opportunity to explore someplace that feels very different from home. I love this location because it offers gorgeous light year round, a well-lit covered area in the event of rain, and unlike most natural areas in the PNW, retains its beauty even in the winter when everything is dead and brown. In the Spring, the capitol boasts beautiful cherry blossom trees and rhododendrons, too!

3. An open airy field

There’s just something about a tall yellow grass field in the summertime. I love the ethereal feel that a sweeping field adds to photos, and the opportunity to incorporate movement, breadth, and a sense of effortless into your family photos. I also find that children do well with field sessions because they can roam and explore safely!

4. By the water

Incorporating the elements into your family session brings a whole new layer of life into your images. I don’t know about you, but my kids come absolutely alive when they are near the water. They are filled with curiosity and excitement and whether we select a river, pond, or the coast, being near the water just seems to instill a sense of calm over the whole family that makes for beautiful photos.

5. In a field of flowers

Who doesn’t love the magical feeling of being surrounded by beautiful blooms? Whether it’s a rose garden or lavender field, flower field sessions make for colorful, joyful family photos! My kids LOVE to explore the rows of lavender, chase butterflies that tend to frequent these areas, and listen to the buzz of bees. On that note, if you have a bee allergy or bee-sensitive children, I recommend avoiding lavender field sessions as they are filled with bees.

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