December 31, 2021

5 Reasons a Blank Slate Studio is a Great Choice for your Branding Session | Seattle Branding Photographer Janet Lin Photography

I get a lot of requests for branding sessions in a “clean white studio space” and if you spend some time looking at my branding work, you’ll quickly learn that this type of session is a favorite of mine! Here are FIVE reasons I love working out of a clean, white studio:

  1. Most of my branding clients are seeking imagery for both social media and their websites. If you’re a business owner looking for branding photography, then you’re probably no stranger to the constant effort it takes to achieve an Instagram feed that is aesthetically pleasing and balanced. Creative content that includes a lot of ‘white space’ provides you with so much freedom when placing images onto your feed and website. When you have plenty of clean, balanced, content-specific imagery to incorporate alongside your more colorful or busy images, planning your feed becomes much easier!
  2. A clean white studio space gives me a lot of creative freedom from a photography standpoint. Sometimes I feel like a lot of “stuff” is more of a distraction from what really matters in my branding work – the PERSON in the photos. When I am working with a blank slate, it allows me the opportunity to really focus with greater depth on the subject or person in front of my lens.
  3. Versatility & Flexibility. A studio space like this knows no seasons; you can create summer content in the dead of winter in a studio space like this and nobody will ever know! In fact, you can create content that will be relevant year round all in one session. A blank slate studio gives us the freedom to create images that will be versatile and easy to utilize all year long, regardless of the season, weather, etc.
  4. Starting with a blank slate allows us to really tailor a session to YOU and your brand. Utilizing props, color and furniture, we can turn this open and airy space into something reflective of you and your work. In my experience, less is more, and it doesn’t take much to make this space feel unique to you while retaining all the qualities that come with a light, airy, open studio. This post features multiple sessions at Lux Rae Loft, a beautiful studio space located in the greater Vancouver/Portland area. You can see how each client put a simple but unique spin on the space with props and wardrobe to create a unique, but consistent look.
  5. Last, but not least, the studio is weather-proof! Rain or shine, we have a bright, beautiful space to work in. Especially here in the Pacific Northwest, planning an outdoor session can be a bit of a gamble if you’re not interested in being rained on. The studio provides a no-risk option to create beautiful imagery without the burden of unpredictable weather conditions!

    Here on my branding page, you’ll find a few featured sessions in a clean slate studio like this one, that all have their own look!

    Looking to book a branding session for your business or team? Get in touch, I would love to work with you!

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