October 20, 2022

All Your Maternity Photo Session Questions, Answered!

When you book a session with me, I promise more than beautiful, heirloom quality images. I promise an experience from start to finish that will feel easy, stress-free, and worthwhile. You can expect guidance about how to prepare, wardrobe and styling suggestions, and references for trusted vendors (like a florist or hair and make up artist!) who will help you really make the most of your photo session. I am also committed to being available to support you throughout the process, and that means answering countless questions as they arise. With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of common questions related to maternity photo sessions!

When should I have my maternity photos taken?
Plan your session for when you are 29-34 weeks along. Prior to 29 weeks, many women don’t quite look as pregnant as they’d prefer for their photos. After 34 weeks, not only do you begin to feel a bit less comfortable, but we also run into the risk of early labor. I know 29-34 weeks is a big range, so here is my advice when trying to decide what will be best for you and your body: If you are shorter overall or simply short through the torso, you can probably schedule on the earlier end of this range (29-30 weeks) as you’ll often show more and sooner. If you are taller, long through the torso, you’ll probably want to wait until closer to the 32-34 week mark.

How soon do I need to book my session?
My calendar usually books full about 2-3 months in advance. During wedding season (June-September) I am sometimes booked fully 4 months ahead of time. For this reason, I recommend getting in touch once you are just entering your second trimester to ensure we can secure a spot for you at the ideal time in your pregnancy!

What should I wear?
I highly recommend considering a dress for your maternity photos. I love the way that a dress (especially long, flowy ones) provide us an opportunity to incorporate movement and really accentuate the feminine form of your body during pregnancy. I’ll provide you with a wardrobe guide showcasing styles that photograph beautifully and will even share some links to favorite pieces.

Can my spouse or children be in the photos?

Absolutely! Your family and/or partner are always welcome in your maternity photos and showcasing the shared connection and joy over your pregnancy is always really special. It is also totally fine for the session to showcase just the mother.

What can I do to prepare for the session?

Select wardrobe early, so you won’t feel stressed about it. I’ll be there to help with this process! Book a hair and make up artist for your session. You’ll look beautiful and feel like a million bucks heading into your session. On the day of your session, eat, hydrate and nourish your body!

Where should I have maternity photos taken?

A dreamy field with the sun setting behind you? On a sandy beach with the wind in your hair? Surrounded by blooms in a lush garden? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered on tried and true locations. I will provide you with a list of favorite locations depending on the season we are in and will share sample sessions in those locations to help you visualize what your own session will look like there.

Featuring Laura & Anthony’s maternity session, with hair and make up by Zo & Co Styling and Film by Photo Vision Prints

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