February 24, 2022

Bright & Light Motherhood Session | Janet Lin Photography Seattle Motherhood Photographer

As moms we are quick to photograph our children in all moments.  Our constant need to find more storage on our iPhone’s is evidence of this!  Every little thing our babies do feels worthy of documentation and we think “I have to snap this so I never forget it!” That urgency to create digital memories that we will treasure forever is valid. What we often forget though, as we are behind the camera snapping away, is that we are a part of every one of those moments. As mothers, we facilitate the smiles, the laughter, the connections and special memories. So often when we snap that photo of our baby’s beautiful smile, they are smiling right at us, and often times, because of us. Mothers are integral pieces of these treasured moments, and that is why I believe so whole-heartedly that they need to be IN the frame with their babies. That was the inspiration behind this session with Jenna and her sweet little girl Violet; to honor her role, to acknowledge their connection to one another, to get this beautiful mama in the frame with her baby girl. I am so glad we did!

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