May 7, 2021

Chloe’s Elegant Maternity Session | Janet Lin Photography Seattle Photographer

There’s just nothing else like photographing motherhood. Each mother is different in so many ways and navigates the journey of motherhood in a way that is unique. Even still, there is some unspoken connection, some common ground, that brings us together.

When I’m photographing a motherhood session, I’m reminded of all the seasons of motherhood I’ve experienced; the unknowing that comes with waiting, the heartbreak of loss and grief, the nervous anticipation of those last few weeks of pregnancy, and the overwhelming, indescribable love that follows.  I am flooded with memories of my boys as babies and toddlers, moments that I thought I might break from exhaustion or burst from joy.  It all comes back to me every single time, and I think it makes the experience more whole for me and my clients.  It helps me focus on capturing authentic moments and emotion during our session together; things like Chloe’s hand draped across her belly, where it’s likely been glued for months. The sweet connection that little belly rub represents means so much. I know, because my heart has been there, too.

Really, I want my clients to walk away from our time together feeling even more hopeful and excited for what is to come, and I want them to look at the images we create together and feel like a memory was preserved, so they can welcome this next season without forgetting the beautiful significance of the one that came before it.

My goal for Chloe’s session was to capture the essence of those sweet, peaceful, anticipatory moments just before becoming parents.  I hoped to document Jesse’s adoration for her and to really showcase how absolutely wonderful this mama to be is. Chloe is one of those people who works tirelessly behind the scenes to make other people’s days better, whether through her work as a florist or in her personal life. She has such a gentle, honest spirit and genuine love for others.  And she does it all with this effortless elegance and soft strength about her that just takes my breath away!  I hope her little girl will be able to look at these photos one day and see the sweet, strong spirit of her mother reflected in each image.

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