April 25, 2023

Extended Family Photos | Seattle Photographer Janet Lin Photography

Extended family photo sessions are a completely different experience than a typical motherhood session. While we still take a light and natural approach to posing, these images are generally a bit more formal and posed. And yet, these sessions are so important and hold a special place in my heart. Family has always been incredibly important to me. I grew up in a three generational home and spent time every single day with my grandparents, aunts & uncles, and cousins! It was an adventure in every sense of the word and my childhood definitely looked a little different than most because of it. It wasn’t until having my own children and seeing them develop an irreplaceable relationship with their grandparents that I realized how important it is to document multi-generational bonds and the special people within them with more intention.

Grace Lee, founder of Birdy Grey reached out to me recently hoping for an extended family session while she was visiting Seattle, and I was so excited to meet and work with her wonderful family. Despite the rain and cold during our session, every member of the family was kind and joyful – their sweet bond evident in each interaction. Thank you Grace, for trusting me to create these images for you!

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