January 28, 2022

New Year, New Brand | Seattle Branding Photographer Janet Lin Photography

If you’ve been following my work for long you have probably heard me reference my annual branding clients. I work with a number of business owners who consistently refresh their imagery and revamp their online presence once a year.

You might be wondering, why update your business branding content annually if you received great photos the first time around? It’s kind of the same reason we feel inspired to set New Year’s goals; either we’ve changed and our new goals need to reflect that evolution, or we hope to change and must take steps to meet goals that will get us there.
Consider your annual branding session an opportunity to sit down and collaborate over the things you love about your work and want to continue to emphasize, as well as where you want to go next with new goals and bigger ambitions. In the world of social media marketing, having a strong, targeted visual presence that is well-aligned with your evolving goals is paramount.
An intentional visual presence will help you experience a renewed sense of purpose, confidence and joy in your business. Let’s do this together!

Imagery featuring Holly, from Kayla Kollection’s 2022 team branding session.

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