June 26, 2021

Welcome Madeline | Lifestyle Newborn Photography by Janet Lin Photography

There is no greater honor or compliment than to be asked back again and again by someone to document life’s biggest moments. From their pregnancy announcement, to maternity pictures, and now this darling lifestyle newborn session, Chloe and Jesse have welcomed me into their lives and home to document each precious milestone. It felt a little surreal to see Chloe just weeks earlier with a beautiful baby belly, and then to knock on her front door and have her welcome me with a baby in her arms! With a grateful heart and teary eyes I quietly documented all the sweet moments as they unfolded; Madeline grabbing Jesse’s finger, Chloe gently lulling Madeline to sleep with a subtle sway. Sweet Madeline was a complete angel during our session together and Chloe & Jesse are absolute naturals at this parenting gig!

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