September 21, 2018

Jeff & Jill | Olympia Engagement Photographer | Janet Lin Photography

“I bring a little grey into his black and white world and he brings me down from the clouds.” When Jill described her and Jeff’s relationship in this manner, I felt it was the start of a poem. She really couldn’t have explained their compatibility more beautifully; they are different but alike – a perfect balance.

Jeff and Jill crave adventure. Some of their most recent excursions include Zion National Park, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon. On one hike they encountered both a rattlesnake and a black bear on the same trail and as you can see, they came out unscathed and ready for more! I think it’s safe to say that together, they’re unstoppable.

Being avid hikers, it was only fitting that Jeff popped the question while they were out on a new trail. He asked Jill if she would go on life’s big adventure with him for the rest of their lives and as you may have guessed, she said YES!

Jeff and Jill, the most beautiful adventure of all has yet to come. I am so looking forward to photographing your wedding day!

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