June 12, 2019

When Baby Makes Four | Pacific Northwest Maternity Session

I remember all too well the strange, bittersweet feeling that came toward the end of the pregnancy with my second son. I was beyond excited… so grateful for Lincoln to have a brother. I was so ready for that little boy to join and complete our family, and yet, I yearned for us to remain a family of three for just a little bit longer.

I knew that this beautiful beginning would also be the end of an era. We’d lived in a world that revolved around him… our little miracle boy, and nothing else on the planet mattered… not even a tiny bit. It was a beautiful, sacred season of life. And I knew it was coming to an end. What I didn’t know was just how infinately perfect that new beginning would be; how it would transform us as a family, make each of us better than we were before. How my heart would grow exponentially and be filled to the brim with love for BOTH of my boys, and even more importantly, how Lincoln’s heart would grow, too, making room for his brother in a world that was no longer just his.

Now each morning I see Holden’s entire face light up with uncontainable joy when Lincoln comes down the stairs and greets him with a kiss and a tickle. I watch my boys chase each other around the house shrieking with pure happiness or lay side by side on the floor while they look through a picture book and I can barely stand how beautiful it is that they get to be each other’s world.

I’ve had the honor of documenting this precious family since their own parenting journey began, and I am so excited for Jake & Missy to welcome their second little boy into the world, and for sweet Alexander to become a big brother. Missy, my wish for you today is that you’ll soak up these last few weeks as a family of three, savoring the small moments that will forever be changed once Baby Boy #2 makes his appearance. When he does arrive, he will change your world – only for the better.

We can’t wait to meet you, little one.

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