July 1, 2022

A Romantic Engagement Session at the Washington State Capitol | Seattle Wedding Photographer Janet Lin Photography

When I asked about their love story, Tuan told me, “For some it is love at first sight. For us it was love at second sight.” 

They met initially at a Vietnamese leadership conference in 2011.  When the conference was over, they went their separate ways. By chance, they crossed paths again in 2013 in the parking lot of a popular Vietnamese shopping center. This time, they paused to say more than just hello. In fact, they discussed how hand-written letters were a fading form of communication.  But not if they could help it!  Over the next few years, they wrote to each other while living on opposite sides of the country and their love blossomed and deepened into the beautiful partnership they now share. 

BT & Tuan live in Seattle and together they have built a beautiful floral design business, Emerald City Flowers. Needless to say, their wedding day will be an explosion of floral artisanship! I am so excited for their marriage celebration in just ONE week!

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