May 18, 2022

The Hulten Family | Seattle Family Photographer Janet Lin Photography

Katy is a dear friend and fellow photographer, so when she asked me to photograph her darling little family I felt incredibly honored.  Because we are close friends and talk regularly about our little ones, I walked into this session feeling like I knew Katy’s heart for her children in a unique way.

I know how she holds her youngest, Emma every night and rocks her to sleep.  I know how the girls love to play “beauty salon” and do each other’s hair – I’ve received plenty of iPhone snaps of Katy’s ‘professional’ make up and hair styles created by her girls.  I have heard the joyful squeals of “kitchen dance party” in the background during a phone call and know Katy and Eric love to turn their wedding song on and dance off a hard day.

This family photo session was just about the time of Katy and Eric’s 10 year wedding anniversary, so we had to take the opportunity to turn on their wedding song so they could share a celebratory dance together! It was such a special experience to capture moments that were so authentic and true to this family!

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