November 9, 2021

Maddie – Fall Refresh | Janet Lin Photography Seattle Brand Photographer

It is always such a treat to work with Maddie. This woman wears many hats and every time I am with her I feel more inspired and thankful for good people like her in the world. After recovering from an eating disorder, Maddie has made it her mission to advocate for radical self-acceptance, breaking down societal stigmas of how we should be in our own bodies. In addition to working in a clinic with eating disorder patients, she also serves as Miss Washington for the Miss America Organization. The platform afforded to her by the organization has allowed her to further advocate for those struggling with eating disorders and on a greater scale, while providing her with scholarship dollars to continue to pursue her doctoral degree in counseling psychology.

Many of my branding clients choose quarterly branding sessions, which provides a regular opportunity to have consistently updated imagery while maintaining similar style and aesthetic. This is a little snippet of our fall content session!

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