November 10, 2021

A Surprise Pregnancy Announcement | Seattle Photographer Janet Lin Photography

I’ve been keeping this shoot a secret for quite some time and I am so excited that I can finally share it! Kailee got in touch with me over the summer and let me in on a little secret…. she was going to be here in the PNW for just a few short days and while she was here she wanted to surprise her parents with some exciting news. We planned her shoot under the guise of “anniversary photos” and asked her parents to come along for the shoot to snap a family photo since it isn’t often they have an opportunity to do that. Once they were all posed and ready to go I did something I never do… I said, “On the count of three say…. Cheese!” After a few more silly “on the count of three” statements, I changed it to, “On the count of three say…. Kailee’s pregnant!”

Getting to watch her parents react and document the moments that followed from behind my camera was the sweetest gift! None of us were dry-eyed in the minutes that followed. Kailee, I am beyond honored that you shared your secret with me and allowed me the opportunity to help you create this incredibly special moment with your family.

Special thank you to my second shooter Katy Hulten for being there to help me pull this off!

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