May 13, 2022

Seattle Branding Photographer with Seattle Florist Bloom Poet | Janet Lin Photography

There is something really special about working with a vendor team to serve a couple on their wedding day. From the wedding planner, venue staff, photographer, florist, (and so, so many more team members each bringing unique talents and strengths to the wedding day) there is truly a community of people there all with the common goal of making sure your day is everything you hope for. When I work with a couple, I invest myself fully into creating an experience (and photos) that will exceed their wildest expectations, and I love working with vendors who have the same ‘all-in’ approach. From my first interaction with Carolyn, I knew she was the type of person to pour her heart into the work she creates and go above and beyond for the couples she serves. She brings such a unique and artful approach to her floral designs and has a comforting, kind presence that every wedding day needs more of!

From the Bloom Poet website, “We transform nature’s beauty into new and inventive floral designs that tell a story and elevate events. Our greatest joy comes from taking your vision and turning it into a reality, allowing you to enjoy the wedding of your dreams. Partner with us and we’ll create a shared experience that conveys emotion, spurs imagination, and reveals what matters most to you.”

Carolyn, thank you for trusting me to create this visual representation of your brand!

Featuring Bloom Poet – Seattle Floral Design
Studio: SODO Studio Seattle
Hair & Make up: Michelle Wight

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