June 13, 2024

Château de Michellia Engagement Session | Seattle Wedding Photographer Janet Lin Photography

I was delighted to welcome Kristin and Robbie from NYC to the Pacific Northwest for their engagement session at Château de Michellia in Salem, Oregon. The stunning Château de Michellia, with its elegant architecture and picturesque grounds, provided a romantic and timeless backdrop even on a quintessential rainy and windy day in the PNW. Kristin wore a thrifted vintage dress and dawned a vintage veil for some of her photos. She loves all things vintage and timeless, and I love that we got to showcase her unique style during this session. 

The rain and wind added a whimsical touch, highlighting the couple’s adventurous spirit and willingness to find beauty in unexpected moments. Kristin and Robbie’s playful interactions and genuine smiles were palpable, making the weather an integral part of their story rather than a hindrance. Cheers to you and an unforgettable evening, Kristin & Robbie! 

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